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- 7.11.2011 -
Hello dear visitors ...

As you may already noticed, there has been a little changed at Oraclemiracle. However, the changes are hardly visible, because most changes took place in the code of the page. Mostly I hope for faster loading times of the changes but even some basic functions are finally ready for use. The front end for this blog system is finally finished and the comment module allows you to give me direct feedback both in the Oracleblog as well as in many other areas of Oraclemiracle.

The contents of the website were also partially revised. Thus I have researched further on the history of fortune cookies and found their real roots in Japan. You can read further in the section history & origin of the fortune cookies. A dear friend was so kind to experiment with the recipe for me. I have already integrated her improvements in the recipe, but I would appreciate any further criticism and suggestions. Those you can just put as a comment below the fortune cookie - recipe.

In Addition, the high score list of SameGame finally works as expected and without error and The list is also expanded to 20. However, I've decided to completely remove the existing entries and to include a blank, high-score list in the restart of the website. I wish all diligent players of this tricky mind game much success, to fill the list.
And even another game I have to offer: With Blackjack, you can now conjure free casino flair in your browser. During creating the game, I have kept to the usual casino rules of German and Austrian casinos. A description of Blackjack and a detailed explanation of the game rules will follow in the coming days.

The next few weeks are still a few enhancements planned and also be implemented, depending on available time.
I wish you all a nice start into the week and lots of fun at the oracles, fortune cookies and games on Oraclemiracle.
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