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Fortune Cookies

snappy wisdom!

Who doesn’t know? Those crunchy little cookies with wise, funny or didactic sayings.

Nowadays they are usually served in Asian restaurants after the meal. Fortune cookies can even be found in the Supermarket we trust from time to time. Thereby the fortune cookie as we know is a purely Western phenomenon and in Asia utmost unknown.

Once cracked, the small strip of paper with its sayings is revealed. Sometimes even with funny comments or prophecies for the future. The sayings in the fortune cookies are very extensive and range from general life wisdom to quotes of great philosophers and thinkers of history well as encouraging predictions. in the Past few years, however, increasingly negative predictions and warnings were found in the cookies. More about the origin and history of fortune cookies you can read in the chapter on the origin and history.

The fortune cookie dough consists mainly of a mixture of egg whites, flour, butter and sugar. Frequently the dough is mixed with ground almonds, which is why the fortune cookies are not suitable for nut allergy sufferers. In most cases, vanilla flavoring is added to the dough, but sporadically you'll find some other flavors. If you want to attempt yourself in Baking of fortune cookies, for example to bestow your loved ones a pleasure, you may want to try this recipe.

Open a fortune cookie and behold that wisdom it holds for you.

open an fortune cookie
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